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Australian Whisky flight
Black Gate Distillery peated whisky bottles
Genise using walky stacker
Brian and his casks of whisky
Frankie; our little distillery dog
Outdoor fire at Black Gate Distillery

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Peated Apera Cask Whisky

“Black Gate Distillery in Central Western New South Wales, favours intuition over science to create what is maturing into one of Australia's top Single Malt Whiskies.”


—  Luke McCarthy, Executive Style


Situated in Mendooran, 45 mins from Dubbo in Central West NSW, Black Gate Distillery is a small, husband and wife operation established in 2009. We enjoy a rural setting and a climate conducive to aggressive spirit maturation. We produce Australian Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum which are both brewed and distilled on site. The distillery capacity is around 3000 litres of whisky and about 1000 litres of rum annually. We use direct fired copper pot stills of 630 litres and 300 litres capacity that produce spirit on the richer end of the flavour spectrum. We stick with traditional methods, use the highest quality ingredients/casks available and encourage visitors.

Brian Hollingworth - Whisky Distiller

Born in Broken Hill NSW, Fitter Machinist & Automotive Mechanic by trade, School Teacher by accident, Distiller by choice.

Genise Hollingworth - Rum Distiller

Born in Walgett NSW, a woman dedicated to hard work, quality assurance and the art of distilling.

Genise & Brian on the last WWD
Our casks



We offer a unique experience with tastings of

Dark Rum and Single Malt Whisky.

Tastings start from $30/person.

Bookings can be made from as early as 4 weeks in advance,
up to 1 hour before the desired appointment time.

Open by appointment.

Click on the button below to book a tasting.

  • Our spirits were selected for NOMA Australia

  • Our products are distributed nationally throughout Australia

  • Genise was selected to speak at 'Tales of the Cocktail' New Orleans

  • Dram Club Sydney Hall of Fame: Cask BG005

  • Featured in Luke McCarthy's book 'The Australian Spirits Guide'

  • BG022 was listed in the November Financial Review as one of the Top 20 Drinks in Australia in 2017

  • Australian Whisky Awards 2021

    • Silver - Whisky Distillery of the Year

    • Silver - Whisky Distiller/Producer of the Year

    • Silver  - Dram of the Decade

    • Copper - Whisky of the Year

  • Tasting Australia Awards 2022

    • Trophy - Best Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

    • Best in Class - Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #3) 

    • Trophy - Innovation Award (Country to Coast #3)

    • Gold - New Grain/Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

  • Australian Spirit Awards 2022

    • Trophy - Champion Small Batch (Country to Coast #3)

    • Trophy - Champion Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

    • Medallion - Best Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

    • Gold - Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

  • Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022

    • Trophy - Best Grain or Blended Whisky

    • Gold - Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #3)

  • Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023

    • Gold - Blended Whisky (Country to Coast #4)

Our AWAS Awards
C to C awards list


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