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....and that's a Trifecta!

*Trophy - Best Whisky (Tasting Australia Awards)

*Trophy - Champion Whisky (Royal Australian Spirit Awards)

*Trophy - Best Grain or Blended Whisky

We are super excited about our third collaboration with Fleurieu Distillery. We thought it was going to be good when we first bottled it, and now we know it's great, The quality of the blended whisky really does speak for itself.

We are honoured to do this collaboration with the awesome Fleurieu team and are humbled by the recognition it has received in the following awards.

Country to Coast is a collaboration of two Australian distilleries. This whisky is a pairing of casks. Two Apera casks filled with peated new make, one distilled and matured at Black Gate Distillery, the other distilled and matured at Fleurieu Distillery in SA.

In mid 2022 these two casks were brought together at the Fleurieu Distillery. Here with diligence and respect to their individual character they were carefully put through the process of being blended, rested and adjusted to 50% alc/volume. After further resting, this beautifully integrated whisky was then bottled. We believe this is our best collaboration yet!

Tasting Notes The whisky’s golden hue carries forward a nose of solid peat smoke over the restrained sweetness of stone fruit and vanillans. It offers multilayer complexity of peat mixed with signature Apera barrel characters. The balance and integration of smoke over briny coastal iodine and sweet country infused malt mingles well through to the end. Rural, urban or coastal, wherever you are, this release is sure to please throughout the remaining chilly months of Winter.


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