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When we started selling whisky two years ago we never imagined in our wildest dreams that so many customers, bars, restaurants and retailers would enjoy the whisky that we make. In hindsight if we could have looked into a crystal ball and had more funding back when we started distilling seven years ago we would have put more whisky down. We've come a long way in two short years and learned a lot along the way.

We have three exciting announcements to make, the first is that Genise is now working in the distillery full time as of last week. Genise working full time in the distillery will help take our business to the next level in terms of production and will also help to grow our cellar door activities.

The second announcement is that we have a new rum release. Second fill ex-Sherry, ex-Whisky and cut at 40%. We wanted to make an affordable sipping rum that could also be used in cocktails.

Single Barrel Rum | 100L ex-Sherry Cask & Whisky Cask | 2 years | 700ml | 40% | $85